Post-Primary 2012 Peter Tateishi for AD 8

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An exciting and winning season for the GOP in California and across the United States.  With the June CA Primary election behind us and November rapidly approaching it is time for all Red Blooded Americans to get into the political world that is a requirement for an effective representative government.  I have humbly accepted the position of President of the Sacramento Republican Assembly (SRA), Founded and was elected President of the Sacramento County unit of Conservative Republicans of California (CRC), and will take office as an elected member of the Sacramento Republican Central Committee in January: My first “public” office.

The call to serve in politics is an interesting one.  There is a palpable and very real thirst for ‘power’ among virtually every and any group or association.  I can assure you that ‘power’ is not what I seek as a servant in any of my positions.  Rather, I seek to recruit, educate and empower those who have previously not been active in the political process(s) and will gladly speak to any group on the value and effectiveness of Citizen Advocacy and the vital role each of us plays, actively or not, in every election. November of 2012 is one that can and must change the course of this nation that has taken an extreme turn to the left over the last few years and must be stopped and Righted!

I invite you all to contact me personally to get involved in a campaign as a volunteer or even as a candidate for office.  One of my primary goals is to bring Main Street Americans to places that will offer opportunities to be a real part of the rel change we so desperately need in California and the United States.  You can send email to and I will personally respond to your questions or direct them to someone who may be better able to answer them.  If you live or work in the Sacramento area please join us at our monthly SRA/CRC meetings which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with the exceptions of July and December when we take a little breather and focus on family and prepare for the next skirmish at the polling place.

I hope to see you in August and let’s get ready for some Conservative Victories in November!  One campaign that I recommend all Sacramento County Residents to get involved in is the race for the new Assembly District 8.  I am pulling for my dear friend Peter Tateishi ( and hope you can find a little time or a little contribution to make this race go The Right Way!

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