Who is “Them” and “Takers?”

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Many have been asking me what I mean when I use the words “them” and “takers” in current political contexts. My definition is not one that places blame for our state and national problems on people in need but rather focuses the blame on those that perpetuate continuing failed policies, fiscal and social, in the halls of Government in California and Washington, D.C., as well other far too many other states in this increasingly frail nation.

“Them” are the ‘takers” that control this state and country by tyranny of majority both inside the legislature and out. In California, as is clearly evident in the lies about the proposed uses of Proposition 30 (lie passed in 2012), the no taxes without “the vote of the people of California”(lie by Governor Jerry Brown) yet the gas tax was raised yesterday (many lies to get there) by the Board of Equalization, the over burdening of taxation on small businesses that are lumped into the same categories as major, large scale corporations (more lies about promises made during campaigns – state and national), the increasing power of public employee unions (“PEU’s” – well known liars) that are now seeking , through newly introduced legislation in CA, extending “attorney client privilege” between union bosses and their members which serves only to help PEU’s to avoid RICO charges and hide crimes they become aware that are committed against this state (and others) by our employees, protecting liars and criminals, in direct conflict of the interests of The People.

This is no longer a simple question of “conservative” or “liberal” policy: This is a question of Responsible, HONEST Government, once again, By and of The People and the formulation of a plan that will make that clear to those who represent us that the Constitution of the State of California and the Constitution of The United States of America, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, are OFF LIMITS!.

Living in California since 1990 I have learned this to be True: We can’t live in this state together while hating each other for the stupid things that come out of the State Capitol. We The People are largely uneducated and/or very under-educated voters. If we can change that, do a better job or educating voters, even by small increments, we can start to lift this state out of the depression (mental and fiscal) that has been gripping it for far too long.

This state and this nation are headed in a very bad direction of increasing and unserviceable debt and when the bills come due there are not and will not be funds to pay them. In California, we can solve all of that by creating a flat tax system that is equitable and as fair as as can be to all individuals and businesses in this State. We can then, as a state, spend what is earned rather than grossly overspending based on blatantly false assumptions and politically motivated predictions about revenue growth that are always wrong.

Doing ‘nothing’ is not an option. I hope you will all join us on April 15th, 2013 for a “Tax Day Protest” ( https://www.facebook.com/events/108347752669234/ ) and invite your friends I am very interested in ALL input but am not looking for inflammatory arguments. Level heads and hearts can make a real difference where venom filled and one-sided motivations have driven us to the very brink of fiscal and moral collapse.

Think about this: The US Deficit is reported to be about $16.5 Trillion Dollars. Its a number so large that it is mostly incomprehensible. Here is a way to think about how big it really is: If one were to begin to count from one (1) to 16.5 Trillion (yes, sixteen point five trillion!) using only one second per number counted, (which in itself is impossible to do once the number begin to grown in length), it would take 507,000 years (yes five hundred and seven thousand) for anyone to count that high. Are you getting the picture yet?

If you have something to contribute to this discussion by all means do so. If your intentions are simply to point fingers at those of us who care enough to try and do something to fix this disaster we have allowed to be perpetuated then please consider other venues, hate pages or blogs for those conversations. We are seeking Truth and Facts!

God Bless America, and, God Bless California!

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