We The American People Demand The Truth

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The ‘liberal left’ just refuses to be honest in so many ways that it’s quickly become seriously alarming. Not only do they lie about their own activities (Sequester was Obama’s idea) and blatantly lead their sheepish followers astray (no tax increases on the ‘middle class’ and ‘free health care”), they play hide-and-seek with just about everything under the Sun in order to cover-up mistakes, leaks, blunders and criminal activity at the highest levels of elected office.

There are issues that are very ominous that even those who call themselves American Loving Democrats should be extremely concerned including, but certainly not limited to, the Obama Administration’s continued refusal to comply with The House Oversight Committee’s requests for information on the whereabouts and welfare of those that survived the attacks in Benghazi. The question all Americans must demand an answer to is an obvious one: Why? I think we all know the answer and it is just as obvious as the question: Cover-up.

It’s the same type of cover-up that has been in play since “Operation Fast and Furious” became known for the total failure it was/is. It’s the same pattern of deception that the current administration and all of the associated elected officials, appointees and irresponsible parties have been engaging in since 2008. It’s a dangerous warning to all Constitution Loving Americans that we are being deceived for political reasons that cross all lines of government transparency and accountability in a nation that calls itself “free.”

I spent this weekend at the California Republican Party Convention in Sacramento. I listened to and spoke with leaders from across the State of California and the Country about the “Benghazi” issue and every one of them was just as frustrated and determined to get to the Truth as we are. In a personal conversation with Congressman Doug LaMalfa, he told me that he has made inquiries to the House Oversight Committee and that the Committee Chairman, Congressman Darrell Issa, has been ignored by the State Department regarding information requests about this massacre since October 2012. There is nothing that is acceptable about this situation!

There is no doubt that members of different political parties will always have different agendas, ideologies and ideas about how to best govern the United States of America. I have no problem with that reality as a certain amount of reasonable friction in politics is a very healthy thing in a Democratic Republic. There are certain lines however that cannot be allowed to be crossed by anyone or any party and hiding Truth and Facts about The People’s Business is one of those lines the current administration seems not only willing to do, but has been engaging in the same un-American behavior over and over again without being questioned by their own followers. How is that possible?

I will always appreciate opposing views on issues and I am not so self-absorbed to think that my positions are always the absolutely best options for everyone. We all have “personal agendas” when it comes to the parties, organizations and issues we choose to join and support. What I can’t accept is what I see unfolding across America, especially in California where two thirds of both Houses of our state as well as all seven Constitutional Offices are held by liberal leftists, and that is this: A fundamental shift from the Core Principles and Values that our Forefathers framed and founded this country on as detailed in The Constitution of The United States of America and The Bill of Rights (Amendments one thru ten) and that those Self-Evident Truths of Freedom, Liberty and Equal Creation as argued so thoroughly and thoughtfully over 200 years ago remain unwaveringly Self-Evident today.

We The People of America of all races, creeds, religions and political realms must have the simple courage to stand up to those who try and strip us of Liberty in exchange for anything less including the farce that we are sold all too often as “national security.” I challenge each and every American to think about what you really believe. What do you really want and hope for your family and the future of this country? Is it the “American Dream” that we all learned to love and live growing up here as natural born citizens or one you came, often desperately, to this great nation in hopes of chasing that legendary and uniquely American opportunity? If your answer is “yes” then please have the heart and morality to do more than blindly follow those who claim to have our best interests in mind.
I’m here to tell you this: They don’t! And what’s worse: They won’t unless you and I continue to demand they do.

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