The “Criminocracy” Must End!

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Listen up folks: The state of California’s legislature has created fiscal, social and ethical disasters that cannot be left unchecked. Our elected representatives are crooks, literally convicted felons like the recently convicted Senator Roderick Wright (D) -felonies of perjury and fraud. Senator Ron Calderon (D) and his offices and family were recently raided by the FBI in the Capitol and other places for all kinds of reasons after which he accused Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D), of taking bribes, according to an FBI report. Now an international arm’s dealing criminal gun runner with ties to terrorist groups and criminal gangs around the world has been exposed in disgraced Senator, “Uncle Leland” Yee. More of his Capitol offices were raided just today!

These people and far too many other criminals in the state Capitol, the “criminocracy” are running California into the poor house, the jail house and it’s being funded by Public Employee Unions with OUR tax dollars!

For clarity and understanding this statement must be realized: A large majority of Public Employees are fantastic, hardworking people and provide us, their employers, with excellent services and I am glad to pay my taxes for valued tasks. The problem with Public Employee Unions is that they have been hi-jacked by the real “1%” which is the union bosses and their political agendas. They don’t “represent” all or even the majority of public employees. They just take their money, call it dues, and live high on the hog on our tax dollars and the public employee’s hard earned money. Various union officials and legislators can and do meet behind closed doors, together, to plan and conspire on ways to keep power and criminal control of our state legislature and agencies of government.

These elected officials aren’t “democrats” or “liberals” in these capitol and union offices. These folks are criminal co-conspirators who have stolen the name of a political party away from some God Fearing and Freedom Loving Americans: People of all races and diverse backgrounds with diverse interests. But, do you know what we all share and the “media” won’t tell you? We all agree much more that we disagree or we’d be lobbing Velveeta Cheese (is that cheese?) at each other in the grocery store. So get this arrogance: After Sen.Rod Wright was convicted he authored a bill that would enable convicted felons like himself to lower their convictions to a misdemeanor. And, incidentally, the crimes listed in that bill were strikingly similar to his own criminal convictions. Hmm.

When Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D) who has announced his intentions to seek the senate seat that will be vacated by the termed-out Darrell Steinberg, was under investigation by a Grand Jury in 2011 he authored a Bill (AB622) that would have severely weakened the imperative citizen oversight of public officials and exposed the identity and testimony of Grand Jurists and witnesses as open public record. A Bill he wrote that we can only surmise was intended to cover his own suspected criminal activity!
What have We the People been doing to fight it? Nada!

We fret; we use divisive ballot initiatives to “screw the unions;” we go to “tea party” meetings and complain and moan about how bad republicans are then go vote for “libertarians” and then blame republicans when we haven’t shown any support for them at all! You know what we HAVE TO DO? We have to get to know our candidates; we have donate money to candidates we believe in; and we have to volunteer our time on weekends with our friends and families and take charge of our own American future. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out! Give directly to candidates that you have gotten to know and whose decisions in office will affect your life if and when they are elected to office.

How about we all quit talking and put a few dollars where our mouths are? Could you imagine the elections we could win if every conservative or moderate DTS voter gave $10 each to three candidates in assembly, state senate and gubernatorial races? We would compile a massive war chest of well over $300 million dollars plus what other contributors give. In other words: We’d have almost as much as public employee unions to fight back. We the People could win everything and finally fix this state and let those fixes roll east all the way to Washington DC in full revival of American Values!

Senator Steinbeerg sweats yet another FBI raid on April Fool's Day!

Senator Steinbeerg sweats yet another FBI raid on April Fool’s Day!

I challenge you to share this message. I challenge you to take this challenge seriously and find your three candidates and give them each $10 each. You might even find that you like the people you meet at a campaign headquarters and decide to spend a few hours there one evening or a weekend making calls, walking precincts and sharing in the real political process of an informed electorate. This is a critical process and loving it seems like a stretch until we talk to some folks like us who cherish Freedom and Liberty and will do something to help The Cause once they’ve been asked and have a friendly bond to his or her next elected representative: You!

Please friends. If you really love this state and this country we can’t wait any longer to stop this downward spiral. Join me in this fight for your kids, my kids, our grand kids and generations to come. We can do this. We are Americans!

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