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Another Embarrsing “American” Moment

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Just when we thought we had reached the highest levels of absurdity from the current administration, many folks (not me) were forced to endure what can only be described as a “national embarrassment” when the FLOTUS appeared on the Oscars last night to appease the cult loving Obamanites and pander to their liberal Hollywood Supporters at taxpayer expense.

I’d like to see the bill please. The American People have a Right to know exactly how much of our tax dollars were spent to stage this farce and what the real agenda was (duh!) for the White House to launch such a lowly display of boorish behavior from The People’s House!
And, while we are asking questions about this ridiculous farce: Who were the kids in the background and why do the current residents of Our House find it necessary to continue using children as props for political backdrops?

These things don’t help “unite” a country and the current administration knows it. They are an antagonistic bunch that has done more to divide this country via race and every other possible wedge since the night in 2008 when this tragic saga of increasing tyranny began. There is no upside to the inappropriate use of State leverage in “made for Hollywood” propaganda fest. Long before the “winner” of the “best picture” was announced I told scores of people that it would be “Argo,” which I’ve not even seen a trailer for, simply because Ben Affleck had to be rewarded for his dedication to the Obama’s and their growing cult following of under and non-educated voters. You know: The free cellphone recipients and those that continue to live on our tax dollars while growing increasingly convinced that it is their right to do so. Therein lays the problem.

See, the appearance MO on the big screen last night was not about anything but showing off to the lowest common denominator of American Voters while once again proving that there in absolutely no dignity in play here as witnessed in the constant bombardment of main stream media hype that surrounds the “royal couple” in Washington D.C. There is no other point to be made. I guess all that was missing was POTUS running through the background raising his unearned Nobel Prize over his head and smiling as the poser he and his regime truly are.

There once was a time when I would have been able to support even the most obnoxious gaffs by our elected officials. But these are not “gaffs.” These stunts are planned and intended to do two things: Flaunt the occupant of the Highest Office in the Land as he has no record of any real accomplishment to stand on; irritate and further divide America by both race and income. These are, after all, the real goals of this embarrassing family of “over-achievers.”

Oh yeah: Do you find any irony in the fact that the movie that won had to do with an accomplishment in Iran?


Iran is already making comments about Argo and the glorification of the CIA. Do you think this will help our real life efforts in the region or hurt them? The White House is at the very least extremely immature and filled with advisers that have no real world experience or care to do the work of the people and run a legitimate, superpower, government.

Question: Does anybody think that the CIA is still trying to operate in the Middle East? Does last night’s move help our front line heroes do their job or expose them to unnecessary danger? And, how can we turn around, and with a straight face, promise that the next group of American, common sense starved, one world imbeciles and idiots who decide to take a hike from Iraq past the Iranian border because they got lost, are not CIA operatives? How will we have any creditability to negotiate their release with the Iranian government?

Iran and the Ayatollahs are starting to look credible and Washington is looking like a TV show competing for prime time ratings! The President got another “Hey I’m here” moment with his devout, religious, supporters and has, again, hurt our county’s credibility with a world that is watching for opportunities to discredit and hurt us. The cult of support in our country see the “Flawless and Faultless One”, but our enemies see leverage and opportunity to knock us down and take us out of being a power or even an influence in world affairs. And some in our country will cheer, “It’s about time we get out of running the world!”, until an Iranian built nuclear bomb goes off in Tel Aviv or somewhere in Europe or the US. And then we will all get “9-11ed” again and believe that evil still exists and have national unity; for a few months. We are a nation run by fools. WE have made a mess of our country. Shame on us! Anybody ready to call out to God yet to forgive us and save us?

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The Leftist Power Grab and Gun Control in California

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In the face of tragedy the left always seizes on opportunities to strip law abiding Americans of our Constitutional Rights. Never has that been more on display than after the recent and inexcusable acts of violence perpetrated at Sandy Hook and elsewhere. I personally blame the sensationalized “main stream media” for placing such emphasis on these rare events, precluding the facts of course, so that it begs those mentally ill among us to “one-up” the last sicko!

But that is a symptom of a much greater problem: We The People of the United States of America are being stripped of our Liberty by those we’ve hired to represent us. On display today in California was nothing more than a Gestapo tactic by the communist left that held an unannounced “public meeting” of the Joint Senate/Assembly Legislative  Public Safety Committee “hearing” on gun control while the vast majority of Super Minority Republicans were out of the building!  It’s one thing to have all seven of our state’s Constitutional Offices being held by Bay Area “liberals.” It becomes something much more frightening when the communist left purposely schedules “public meetings” without notice and when they know that all of their balanced opposition is away and can’t retort. That is not Government by The People: That is tyranny of simple minds bent on controlling the masses by forced disarmament!

There was no bright spot in this farce: It was a one sided freak show lead by Tom Ammiano and Loni Hancock. That is about the same as putting Lindsay Lohan in charge of AA or NA. Hancock, when speaking about controlling/eliminating ammunition sales said “we can do this!” What a fascist farce!
I just happened to be in the Capitol Coffee Shop (Thanks Gary Haller) when I heard the hearing going on the screen. I could not believe that given all of the time I spend in that building as a Citizen Advocate that I had not heard that this “public hearing” wasn’t on any legislative calendar until after it had begun. Invites were sent out to sympathetic gun control supporters to speak sweet NOTHINGS to the ears of the committee members and they got exactly what they ordered: Blatant lies backed up by false statistics and wrong-headed assumptions.

I immediately posted the news on Facebook.com/RonGivens1 and tweeted from Twitter.com/TheRonGivens and a few followers saw the notes I sent in time to make it downtown and hear the lies for themselves. I was extremely thankful that Sam Paredes of Gun Owners of California and Matt Gray were there so that at least the three of us could stand in line to testify to the ridiculous masquerade that was playing out before us. Mr. Paredes did a very good job of presenting Truth and Facts and Matt Gray shared a very personal and direct testimony from his past while asking why he “was not included in any discussions regarding this hearing given the enormous amount of time I spend in this building.”

They got the facts out and all that was left for me to do was to call out this sham for what it was. Admittedly angry at the blatant violation of the spirit of “open meetings” laws I looked at each member of this committee and said: “When you consider holding any hearing about ‘public safety’ it would be nice if you invited The Public to the meeting!”

It’s time for Patriots to make a Stand! Call, write, show-up and follow those of us who will always fight for Our Rights! Make donations for my time via PayPal to Ron@Gyl.com (Thank You!)

The “hearing” will be available to watch on CalChannel.com on 1/30/2013. You may want to bring something for nausea.  (Here is a link to my testimony at this “hearing”: http://youtu.be/FxbEoB3XKes )

At A "Public Safety" Hearing  on Gun Control at the CA State Capitol. The news never was released as is evidenced by this photo!

At A “Public Safety” Hearing on Gun Control at the CA State Capitol. The news never was released as is evidenced by this photo!

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More Gun Laws on The Way: Why?

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The discovery of an “assault” rifle possibly or likely used by the once convicted killer who ambushed firemen in Webster along with the Newtown tragedy will energize the anti-gun folks to enact more gun control legislation.

I spent the morning “Googling” statistics and several things became clear:
• The media has an agenda to ban guns but they know very little about them
• The likely target will be “assault” or military style rifles with magazine capacities of more than ten bullets ( actually cartridges ) and possibly semi-automatic firearms … which would encompass handguns ( but not revolvers ) and many rifles and shotguns used in hunting, home defense, and target practice. For the record: Every Gun is an “Assault Weapon.” The media would have you think that only “scary looking” “military style” guns are “assault weapons.” No such articulation exists in the “real world”
• The media and gun control proponents falsely believe or would like the voting public to believe that mass killings by deranged people will cease with the banning and perhaps confiscation of designated firearms via government buy-back programs
• They present and rely on lots of statistics to make their case
• It is wise to recall one definition of a statistician:
A statistician is a person who drowned crossing a river with an average depth of three feet.
( as a former CEO, Insurance company administrator, and management analyst and business owner I can claim lots of experience with numbers and statistics)

Let’s assume for a moment that “assault” rifles are magically removed from the USA. Do we think such mass killings would stop? Do we think there would be an appreciable reduction in the average body count of these incidents?

Folks who know, respect, and use firearms responsibly and legally already know the answer to this question. A simple no.

The latest atrocity in Webster was perpetrated by a guy who was convicted of killing his grandmother with a hammer and was released from prison after serving 17 years.

If he did use the Bushmaster “assault” rifle was that particular type of rifle the cause? Or was the cause our failure as a society to either publicly execute him or require life in prison with no possibility of parole after he savagely bludgeoned his grandmother to death?

Of course he was prohibited from owning firearms as a convicted felon. Did that stop him?

If assault rifles were magically eliminated do we think he would have abandoned his plan to kill, thinking, oh no, without an assault rifle I just should forget about killing firemen, burning down the neighborhood, and go play miniature golf?

The fact is there are many millions of hunting rifles that are legal, safe, more powerful, equally or much more accurate, and would just subject this madman to changing lower capacity magazines more often ( takes but a few seconds ). Or use a lever action type rifle ( remember the old TV show The Rifleman? ) or slide a new round into the chamber of a “pump” action rifle.

So, it is clear to folks that understand guns that the differences in operating systems ( mechanism to fire, eject spent bullet cases, and re-load ) can be equally as deadly, particularly with practice or training.

This wacko also set seven homes on fire …do we now outlaw matches?

Are anti-gun folks prepared to make this deal? If we outlaw and even confiscate all “assault” style rifles and there is only one massacre in the next year will they support the elimination of all gun laws? I think not.

In a free society we make trade-offs every day between liberty and security. We don’t restrict the responsible many because of the reckless, stupid, or evil few.

If we did, we could save thousands of lives each year just ( one small example ) by raising the driving age to 25 because the 20-24 year old group accounts for a disproportionate share of automobile fatalities and serious injuries.

As a society we weigh the benefits against the costs and make reasonable and balanced judgments concerning the assumption of risk. That is the price we willingly bear to live free.

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