About Ron Givens

Ron Givens is President of The Sacramento Republican Assembly (3rd Term), President of Conservative Republicans of California (Sacramento Unit),  a member and Sergeant at Arms of the Sacramento County GOP Central Committee, is a Government/Public Relations Professional and Political Consultant. Ron advocates for Conservative fiscal and social values with a passion for developing creative solutions to the challenges that our state and our country face.  Born in Washington D.C., Ron moved to Sacramento with his wife, Kirsten, in 1990 and immediately got involved in the unique “sausage machine” of California’s legislative processes, majored in Government at California State University, Sacramento before attending Capital Bible College.  Ron is a State Board Member of the California Republican Assembly, a member of The State Advisory Committee for Institutional Religion (SACIR) and served as the Executive Director to the Associated Chaplains in California State Service (ACCSS), the professional association of California’s employed chaplains in the Departments of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Division of Juvenile Justice, Developmental Services and Veterans Affairs.  Ron has managed campaigns for a Republican Candidates in 2008, 2010, 2012 and is at it again in 2014!.

He has been active in the fight for our 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment…..heck: All CONSTITUTIONAL and SELF EVIDENT GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! He recruits new members and volunteers and develops training opportunities to help those who have had little experience as grass roots activists or candidates feel confident and ready to fight for what is Right for our State.

An accomplished television and radio spokesperson, author and speaker, Ron is available to address current issues and political events as well as American Political History.  Contact at Ron@RonGivens.com

Ron lives in Sacramento with his wife of 24 years, Kirsten and two sons: Jesse, 14 and Joshua, 12.

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